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Need A Break? Take A Vacation!

Take A Vacation

How To Take A Vacation?

Vacation . Leave . Break

All of these things are the same but not the same. They are important and they are necessary. A seller, like you, should take a vacation, or a break from your work, as it will help you to calm down and think about your future plans and works as well, as managing your store better by closing it down for a bit. It is necessary to take a vacation, a breather and enjoy the world around you, before going back to your work and satisfying your customers.

Need A Vacation? Take it and let your customers know! How to do it? Let us learn how to notify and take a vacation!

First you need to log into your account, the account you used to create your store, and the go to your dashboard.

Select Settings option in your store manager and you will be welcomed by this page:

Need A Break? Take A Vacation! | Take A Vacation |
  1. Go to the Vacation Mode option.
Need A Break? Take A Vacation! | Take A Vacation |
  1. You can enable vacation mode through the checking the Enable Vacation Mode button.
  2. You can disable the purchase of your products during the time you are taking a leave.
  3. You can choose the Vacation Type. Whether you want to Instantly Close or notify the time period you will be closing your store for.
Need A Break? Take A Vacation! | Take A Vacation |
  1. If you select Date wise close, you will be told to enter from when to when your store will be closed for!
Need A Break? Take A Vacation! | Take A Vacation |
  1. You can add any additional message you have for your customer during your absence. You can let them know about why you will be closing and everything!
  2. Click the Save button at the bottom to save your settings!

Once you are done taking a leave, your products will have something like this on them.

Need A Break? Take A Vacation! | Take A Vacation |

Here you go! You learnt how to take a vacation!

That is it! This is how you take a vacation. Even if taking a break is necessary, notifying your customers and the site holders is also equally important as an unattended leave can cause many confusion and trouble. Customers maybe eagerly waiting for your products and if you do not have any sign to say that you are not available, they probably will be turned off by you not responding. So letting your customers know that you are on a break will not only help them understand but also can make them excited thinking about what you have for them in the future. Letting them know and planning for future, using the power of vacation is very subtle but helpful!

We believe you will be using this power for good and give your customers the best possible experience!

We hope that this guide was smooth enough for you to follow through. If you have any queries you can always let us know!

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