COVID-19 Outbreak: An opportunity for Make in India 2.0

Make in India 2.0: An opportunity in COVID-19 Outbreak

Make in India 2.0: There are watershed moments in history when we have had to shed the past and visualize our future differently – we are living one of those moments now. What we aren’t yet aware of though, is what the future holds for India. At the crossroads where we stand, we happen to be positioned surprisingly well, but much remains to be done and a lot more remains to be seen.

We have been saddled with endemic problems, our inherent limitations of legacy, and to a large degree, these determine how we structure our response to the COVID-19 outbreak. The most suffered in this COVID-19 outbreak is the lower and middle-class society. Furthermore, breaking the iceberg, the artists of India are struggling at their worst life conditions to earn their living in this pandemic. We should start supporting Make in India & India made Products and different artists of Make in India. Its time “Vocal for Local”

What is crucial now, and this might be stating the obvious, is how we control the spread of COVID-19. A lot of what has to follow will depend on what we as a country and society will do. And perhaps equally importantly, how do we recover economically after this pandemic has been brought under control, lest the aftershocks are worse than the quake itself.

But before getting to the recovery as such, it is important to recognise what our starting point is.

Time to get “Vocal for Local”

Make in India 2.0:  An opportunity in COVID-19 Outbreak
Vocal for Local

The sales head of an Indian consumer products company got cracking, a day after Prime Minister Narendra Modi advocated that India become self-reliant(atmanirbhar), Make in India and “vocal for local”. He circulated a survey with two questions :

“When buying a new product, what would be your preferred choice?

a) Economically priced Made-in-China product.

b) Competitively priced Make in India product.

In addition, Home Minister Amit Shah has also narrated, that all Central Armed Police Forces (CAPF) canteens will now sell only indigenous India made products, starting 1 June. Shah’s announcement came after Prime Minister Narendra Modi promised a ₹20 trillion stimulus package for the economy hit by the most stringent lockdown in the world. With these canteens mandated to sell only Make in India products, the money earned, which according to estimates is about ₹2,800 crores annually, is expected to be mopped up by the Indian industry.

PM Modi also addressed self-reliance needs to be achieved by boosting domestic consumption of locally-manufactured India made products that would, in turn, strengthen the domestic industry. The COVID-19 outbreak pandemic had given India a chance to turn the crisis into an opportunity that India is committed to global welfare also, India would create supply chains that could eventually link with global chains.

Make in India influence on “Artists”

This has successfully cleared the vision for the local artists of India to achieve significant leverage in their sales. They have also started making essential things needed to fight against this pandemic. This whole scenario focuses on earning a living for artists of India in these difficult times by supporting Make in India products.

Nevertheless, there is always a ray of hope in times of despair and that is why artists of India are struggling but contributing the most with the resources they have because the show must go on!

1. Mass production of masks and sanitizers

Many households are struggling to earn their living by doing what they can at least do in this COVID-19 outbreak. They are serving their purpose in the society by making/weaving masks and sanitizers in their houses itself. Housewives and artists who are striving for a job are selflessly helping and distributing these essentials people need to fight corona-virus.

2. Decreased marketing platforms

Unemployment has become one of the most critical issue during this pandemic. Artists of India are suffering a lot, one of the major issues faced by them is the decline of their marketing platforms. There is an aid for service sectors in this lockdown but nothing is in the favour of artists or the people earning their living by daily wages. The main problem here is reduced sales due to reduced marketing platforms. They are unable to practice there traditional marketing skills which are highly affected by ‘Ghar Baitho India’ lockdown phase.

3. Dependence the local public for sales(Vocal for Local):

Artists are mainly dependent upon their local cities/public as possible customers for their sales. Those who create canvas paintings, jewelry using clay and semi-precious stones, etc, are undergoing difficult times. Lockdown due to this COVID-19 outbreak they have no other option left other than patiently wait for this pandemic to get over so that they will come back into force.

The only aid for this that comes rescuing these artists during these crises is to go online and purchase Make in India ! Market, advertise, and selling their india made products online is a great option for them to deal with unemployment.

People who exist on daily wages can successfully earn something by having the internet as their savior and that is where HandyCraft.World work towards giving utmost justice to our motto — “Promote Art, Support Artists” as we provide a platform for artists, designers, and manufacturers to host their products and market Make in India and shout Vocal for Local. Also, offering a helping hand bringing more sales & promote their india made products all over social network in India. Because in the end, doing nothing is never an option. If India is to indeed dominate the 21st Century as we rightfully should, now is the moment to act.

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