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Jewelry has the power to be the one little thing that acts as an exclamation mark of an outfit. Handmade Jewelry or Handicraft Jewelry or Handmade Art Jewelry is that has been crafted solely by hand without using any machinery or guided by human hand (in case of lathes, drills, or other machinery is used). It has broad-spectrum ranging from simple hand-assembled bracelets and pendants to sophisticated designs (Handmade Art Jewelry) that can take hours or days and professional techniques to finish.

There is excessive mass production, and factory-made art jewelry at this stage that it’s hard to find anything fresh out of ordinary. Every store you visit has all the same old accessories and trends time after time.

Engraved, Sequined, Knitted, wire- wrapped, Beaded, Carved, Filigreed, enameled, and Painted – diversified techniques have been continually developed in all cultures for handicraft arts throughout time. That certainly has created multiple varieties of Handmade Jewelry. Handicraft jewelry styles have been versatile enough for you to find “go to anywhere” statement pieces to wear with anything from traditional dress to jeans to a party dress or wedding gowns.

Handmade Art Jewelry | Art Jewelry | handicraft jewelry

Handmade Jewelry artisans incorporate more than one type of metals and gemstones in their work, such as silver, gold, brass, copper; and crystal, turquoise, coral, quartz, and amethyst. Many contemporary handmade art jewelry artists make use of better yet diverse materials such as beads, fabric, glass, acrylic as well as natural/organic material such as wood, animal horns, bones, leather, shell, hemp, raffia grass, and even teeth. In fact, jewelry made of these elements catch more attention and becoming a popular trend.

In comparison to mass-produced jewelry, handmade jewelry involves a far greater blend of culture, history, and humanity. Most handmade jewelry bears a special ethnic flair. Every single jewelry piece has a story to tell; not only in the design of it but the artist you’re purchasing from.

When you buy handmade jewelry, you’re actually appreciating, encouraging, and helping a small artist, craftsmen, business owner to pursue their passion. Some of these businesses are as limited as a stay-at-home working mom, selling items to feed few bellies.

List of different types of Handmade jewelry:

  • Antique Jewelry
  • Bead jewelry
  • Filigree Jewelry
  • Ivory Jewelry
  • Kundan Jewelry
  • Minakari Jewelry
  • Stone Jewelry
  • Tribal Jewelry
  • Custom Jewelry

Where to Start – Making Handmade Art Jewelry

Are you ready to get creative and start making your own handicraft jewelry? Whether you want to start it as a side business, thinking about making a career move, or just takes up as a hobby – where ever you decide to start with, there are a number of options available to learn. The easiest, to begin with, is searching through YouTube videos for tips on what you need to get started and some of the basic techniques as a beginner.

However, initiating your handmade art jewelry journey at home is appreciable, but you’ll really want to get out and attend a class or workshop. Getting face-to-face training, with the opportunity to encounter all your queries and receive feedback from a highly skilled artist or jewelry instructor is still the best way to learn. Then also Become a Seller with us to earn more orders and increase customer base.

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Amazing Handmade Jewelry – The Art Jewelry | handmade jewelry |




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