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Handicrafts of India | Handicrafts of India |

India is among the key suppliers of handicrafts to the worldwide market, because of its ever-flourishing cultural heritage. The best handicrafts of India portray different eras through religion, history, and culture. Each unique Indian crafts has a story to tell. Large exhibitions are held within India and internationally as site for customer attraction.

The unique Indian crafts are given as gifts or majorly used for decoration. The handicraft industry of India offers employment to over 6 million Indian artisans belonging to both urban and rural areas. Indian women and artisan members of lower sections are contributing more to the Handicrafts of India.

The handicrafts of India range from ethnic woodwork, metal crafts, pottery, paintings, bamboo handicrafts, weaving, glass engraving, marble statues, and much more. Different states of India like the southern part, Maharashtra, Kerala, Tamil Nadu are popular for its handicraft collection, or northeastern Manipur, Tripura, Gujarat, Northern States of Rajasthan, and Kashmir. These all variation contributes to Handicrafts of India.

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The Best Handicrafts of India – Different States:

South India’s Handicrafts:

South India has incredible and best handicrafts like coconut crafts, mask making, silk weaving, etc. Coconuts are the heritage of South India and craftsmen had mastered the skills of coconut crafting presented by a spectrum of handicrafts including toys. If you are visiting Kerala, don’t forget to look for silk weaving clothes. You might want to grab a few popular pieces. Shell handicrafts can also be seen in various forms like bangles, hangings, mirror frames, curtains, decorative bowls, etc.

Kashmir – Handicraft of India

The scenic beauty of Kashmir is like no other but apart from that Kashmir is known for its traditional clothing particularly the winter shawls known as Pashmina shawls and crafting from the walnut tree. These are fine cashmere shawls decorated with vibrant colors and hand embroidery. It takes almost 180 hours of hard work and dedication to finish a single pashmina shawl. Therefore, don’t give a second thought before buying just because it’s a bit pricy.

Rajasthan – Handicraft of India

A city of architecture, appetizing food, beautiful souls, but what it’s more famous for its best handicrafts. Rajasthan has the largest industry of Indian Crafts. Blue pottery, Terracotta Art, wooden furniture, mojaris/khussa or chappals, ivory and marble products, and textile crafts. The illustrious brass handcrafting is done mainly in Rajasthan. Brass has remarkable durability and vintage style. Wine glasses, figures, and statues, jewelry boxes, vases, tabletops, lamps can be easily spotted in Indian homes.

Handicrafts of Gujarat:

The fabric of Gujarat has no competition. Beadwork, Hand embroidery, bandhani, zari work, are some prominent handwork done in Handicrafts of Gujarat. The exemplary tie and dye work called Bandhej is yet another characteristic handicraft. Bandhej is classified among the finest handicraft fabrics in the world. The handicrafts of Gujarat have dynamic and vivacious colors, tribal themes, and embroidery work. Jewelry and woodwork are also notable.

Crafts of India Council, All India Handicraft Board, educational institutes like Indian Institute of Crafts and Design (IICD), established in Jaipur, Rajasthan, National Institute of Design (NID) in Ahmedabad, The Craft Development Institute (CDI), and Craft Village are serving a critical role for preserving the Indian crafts, skills, and their existence with design.

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