Here, Begins Our Amazing Journey… HandyCraft World (Apr 2020)

Here, Begins Our Amazing Journey... HandyCraft World (Apr 2020) | handycraft |

HandyCraft World

Welcome to Handycraft World, a platform where you can find valuable online handicrafts from four corners of the earth at your doorstep. Art is an expression diversified by creativity, conception, and inspiration of artists. The potential of what can be created with crafts is seemingly endless.

Our Motto is “ Promote Art Support Artists.

Handicrafts carry the cultural, political, and/or religious significance, emphasizing the contrast of generations. At Handycraft World, we are selling authentic handmade crafts, including Textile, Wood, Paper, Ceramic, Glass, Metal, Beadwork, Leather, Hardstone carving, paintings, and much more. The histography of crafts is a scoop of mankind’s engagement with nature.

Basically, we are focused on bringing out an online handicraft marketplace, where artistic creators can present their Art and Crafts to the whole wide world. This platform canvas also supports NGO Organizations manufacturing authentic handmade products.


Our Motto is “ Promote Art Support Artists.


Our plan of action is to create a bridge between near to extinction artwork and modern-day artists. With the principal objective of launching a fair price platform for artists who have very restrained or no access to any market.

You can browse hundreds of products ranging from Home Décor Art (wall hangings, mirrors, crafts, vases, carpets and rugs, lamps, miniatures, accent pieces, pillows and cushions, and numerous other decorative accessories). It also has Furniture, Handicraft Jewelry, Footwear, Clothing (dresses, shawls, saris, jackets, scarves, embroidery, block prints, Applique work). Also look into Culinary, Bags, Sculptures, Pottery, and plenty of other stuff through our multi-seller e-commerce website.

HandyCraft World | Authentic indian handmade products | online handicrafts

Here on, you can buy handmade items directly from other artists, and if you think you own a skill, then become a seller. Handicrafts have their roots in rural culture, and we want to create a sustainable business for them and to explore the hidden talents, making their passion their living. also envisions to preserve the ancient techniques and skills by educating the young generation from the hand of the skilled artists. We want to raise awareness through workshops, exhibitions, and seminars at the local and international levels. The finesse of converting stones into sanctity, leaves, flowers, and wood to colors and woven textures, scrap to something meaningful, must be known globally; thus, we strive for tutoring these craftsmen skill into the hands of youth before they are long forgotten or near to extinction.

We want to connect with similar organizations, or you can sponsor us for Art & Crafts Learning meetups, exhibitions, as well as learning classes. We are here to support all types of artists out there in market that are struggling to promote their art style and support their artists community. Every Artist out there deserve to be respected in terms of their creative thoughts and beautiful art skills they have which makes them unique among the crowd.

All suggestions are appreciated. Comment in the comment section about anything, including any new products that we are missing on, and you want us to add to


Shop here for the best Authentic Indian Handmade Products collections. In that way you will support us by “Promote Art Support Artists” Motto. Decorate your Home, Kitchen & Dining with the attractive product range. We also have wide range on Jewelry collections available in different materials. Shop Now with “HandyCraft World: Promote Art Support Artists” on different festive seasons, we have wide range of gifts products available.

So support us and our initiative of promoting the art culture and support our artists economically and emotionally. Share HandyCraft World and our Motto “Promote Art Support Artists” to your social circle and let your friends know about this Amazing Venture.

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